5 Most Forgotten Places To Use Sunscreen

When going to the beach, we use to protect ourselves, wearing different kinds of sunscreens. Very often, though, we totally ignore some exposed parts of our bodies that risk to get burned. Be aware and try to reconsider your sun exposed areas!

1. Scalp- wear always some UV protection for your scalp, to avoid getting burned.
2. Eyelids- they are also part of your body, and very sensitive to sun exposure. Apply natural sun protection!
3. Ears- also exposed, they need to be protected with sun cream.
4. Back of your knees- paying attention to your knees is very good, but don’t forget to protect their back as well.
5. Top of your feet – protect this part of your body too as it receives direct sun when laying or walking on the beach

5 Most Forgotten Places To Use Sunscreen

Image Source : http://myfashionchronicles.com/2013/07/08/5-most-forgotten-places-to-use-sunscreen/