Best Spring DIY Projects

Do It Yourself Projects for the Spring

Spring is here, and with the weather getting better it is time to start thinking about embarking on some home improvements. There are a huge range of different DIY projects for Spring 2014 that you can begin work on, from simple jobs that will take a few hours, to huge projects that will take weeks of your time.

Spring can be the perfect time to get these projects done though, while the weather is good and so they are ready for summer. Here are four great projects that you can try this Spring, that will really improve your home and life.


Add Some Great Garden Decorations To Your Home

With the coming spring comes the blossoming of flowers and plants all around your garden. This makes it the perfect time to get there and make your garden look even better.

There are a huge range of different garden decoration projects that you can take on. Whether you want to just do something small like a bit of painting, to something more elaborate – like building a gazebo or adding some trellis around the garden.

The range of different projects that are possible means that you can choose something that you can either do by yourself, or something that involves the whole family getting together and building something spectacular.

Getting some great garden decorations built is a popular springtime activity because this is the time of year that you get people round to your home, and hang out in the garden. So improvements to your garden will make your home look even better to your friends, family and neighbors.


Add Some Color To Your Plant Pots If You Live In An Apartment

A lot of the DIY projects for spring 2014 that are mentioned are relatively dependent on you owning or living in a house with a garden. If you live in an apartment you might be feeling a little left out.

Fortunately there are some great projects that you can take on no matter where you live. One of these is simple project to brighten up your living space by painting your plant pots. Not just painting them one color though. Follow this cool project and you will get pots that are half normal and half cool and quirky colors. This will really brighten up your apartment.

This is a really easy project to take on, it will really only take 30 minutes or so per plant pot, so this is a great project for someone to complete on their own.

Projects like this are exploding in popularity, because of the ease of doing them as well as how cool they look.


Add Some New Fabric To Freshen Up Your Cushions

Spring is the perfect time to add some bright, airy colors to your living room. That is why you should use this opportunity to add some new fabric to your existing cushions.

This project may be one of the simplest we’ve ever covered. All you need is one sheet of fabric in whatever design you need, and it takes mere minutes to put together.

You don’t even need a sewing machine, as there is no sewing, stitching or anything like that involved in this project. It is all done with just the fabric and your own hands.

This is extremely popular due to how simple it is, and how quickly it can freshen up a tired looking room.


Paint Your Own Plain, Boring Rug

Continuing the theme of freshening up your living space, and creating a more light, airy and springlike area we move onto something a little unusual. Painting a rug.

If you have dull, boring old rug lying around this could be the perfect project for you to take on. The basic gist of the project is that you are going to painting a new pattern on the old, boring rug to really spice it up.

The project will only take around 2.5 hours, and it could be the best 2.5 hours you spend in terms of transforming your living room.