DIY Christmas Ornaments Ideas

You can try out a lot of ideas to create the perfect Christmas ornaments ever. You can do so without spending a lot of money. With this project, you won’t spend more than $15. And you get to pick the designs and have some original Christmas ornaments. You can change the traditional look of your Christmas tree by adding a white ribbon on top of it. Most Christmas trees will surely have a glittery star on top, but not your tree. Dare to break away from the patterns and enjoy a different approach this Christmas. Pick some regular looking Christmas ornaments and buy a bag full of pine cones. If you have colored ornaments you can easily turn them into silver by applying some Rub n Buff on them. You will need just a little bit of rub n buff to turn each ornament into a silver looking little globe. The new metallic look will surely look great in your Christmas tree. You can also go ahead and glue some jumbo sequins on some of the silvery ornaments to make them look like mini disco balls. You can use some hot glue to make the jumbo sequins stick. If you still have some regular looking colored ornaments from last year’s Christmas, you can make them seem as if they look like snow. Spray paint these ornaments with a white spray paint and apply thin coats of spray paint till the entire surfaces are covered. Let them dry. They`ll look as if they froze due to too much snow. Now you can move on to the pinecones. You can either use glitter to make them seem enchanted and you can also add a pearl to the end or you can dip the pinecones in silver paint and glue the pearl to the end. You can also hot glue other little things on your pinecones and ornaments such as glass beads, little mirrors and on and so forth.

Y Christmas Ornaments Ideas

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