DIY – Ruffle Pilow

A ruffle pillow case would look good on your own couch? Here is how to make one: You need the pillow case fabric, cotton preferably, cut in two equal parts, for the front and the back of the pillow. From the same material, you need to cut a few strips- as much as you need to cover the pillow case, only much longer, so that they can be ruffled. Next, you need to hand sew the center of each strip or use the machine set on basting stitch, making sure that you leave a tail of thread at the end. Now, you must pin the strips on the pillow front case, one next to each other, and pull the threads to make the ruffles. When done, set your machine to regular stitch length and sew them again on the center. Attach and sew the back of the pillow case, making sure that you don’t catch the ruffles! Simple and fun!

DIY Ruffle Pillow