DIY – Upcycled Jars

With a little imagination you can transform your mason jars into a multitude of decorative objects. They can become colored cocktail glasses for parties, candles, flower vases and even photo frames. Here are some directions: For obtaining a photo frame out of a jar, insert one or two photos- one on each side, into a medium size mason jar and pour oil on top. Attach the lid- preferable a rusty one, for a more vintage look, and add one last decorative touch- a ribbon or a rope around the lid. The bottom colored jars, suitable for cocktail parties, are made in a very simple way. All that you need are some colored balloons and scissors. Cut the balloons in half and fold the bottoms of the jars with one of the parts. Is not a permanent change, so, when the party is over you can just “undress” the jars. You can make beautiful, thematic candles from mason jars, filling them with desired elements- like shells, dried fruits or other natural elements. Drill holes into the lids, insert metal nipples and pass cotton lamp wicks through them. Fill the jars with oil and set the lids on. Use them with care! Another creative way of using the mason jars is by making them personalized vases, used to hold wild flowers at weddings or outside parties. You can simply write on them, the names of your friends or family members, using a glass paint pen and following a previously made sketch posted on the interior part of the jar. Enjoy playing with your masons and creative ideas!

DIY- upcycled jars