Health Benefits of Bananas

One of the most liked fruits on the planet, aside of being tasty, contains lots of healthy properties.

1. Vitamin B6– a single banana contains 34% of daily recommended value of B6 Vitamin, well known in preventing heart diseases and as an anti-inflammatory agent.
2. Lower blood pressure – a medium banana contains a high quantity of potassium (467 mg), very good in lowering the blood pressure.
3. Strong, healthy bones– the potassium, from the banana, also has the quality of fixing the calcium in the body, neutralizing the sodium in excess and keeping the health of the bones.
4. Digestion and natural laxative– the pectin found in the banana helps to stabilize the digestive system and relieve the symptoms of constipation.
5. Stomach strength– the anti-acid effect of the banana stimulates the production of mucus, protecting against stomach acids and fighting against the bacteria that causes the ulcers.
6. Cancer prevention– the banana is rich in natural antioxidants- delphinidin and catechin, and they are very much used in diets that reduce the risk of cancer apparition.

Health Benefits of Bananas


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