Homemade Therapy to Heal Chapped Lips

Too much wind or too much sun can harm the lips, burning them. Sometimes, the lip balm is not enough, and to heal them, we make use of different therapeutic remedies. One is the use of vitamin E. You can just open a capsule of vitamin E and apply it to your lips. Another method is based on coconut oil, applied on the chapped lips before sleeping, or, petroleum jelly, used in the same manner. The result will be seen in the morning, when the lips will be moistened and hydrated. Another homemade treatment is based on honey and Vaseline. Wet your lips with warm water. Apply a layer of honey and after few seconds, the Vaseline. After 10 minutes, remove it with warm water! To prevent having chapped lips, drink a lot of water and do not lick your lips!

Homemade Moisture Therapy to Heal Chapped Lips