How to Make a Perfect Bow

Christmas is near and everybody loves decorating the Xmas tree as well as the entire house. Some problems arise when it comes to different do-it-yourself projects. For example, a lot of people find it hard to make the perfect bow. It’s generally simple if some steps are followed. This simple project doesn’t require a big investment and it doesn’t take too much time either. You can even use some pieces of burlap to make great bows. Depending on the interior design of your house and on your other Christmas decorations and ornaments, you should choose an interesting pattern and material for your bow. Ribbons come in many shapes and there’s plenty to choose from. You need a wide ribbon and you`ll use at least two yards of it to make the perfect Christmas bow ever! You`ll also use a stapler, so it’s a pretty basic, cheap list of materials overall. You will need to cut three pieces of ribbon making sure that each piece differs in length. One piece should measure 36 inches, the other 24 inches and the last one should measure 6 inches. Find the center of the 24 inch piece of ribbon and mark it with a pin. Bring the ends of this piece together and staple the ends. You can now move on to the 6 inch piece of ribbon and fold its sides together at the center.  Like on the previous piece of ribbon, you should also stable these two ends together, too. You will then take care of the 36 inch piece of ribbon. You need to shape it in the center to look like an accordion pleat.  You can fix the pleat and leave it as it is by stapling it to keep it pleated. After you follow all these steps, you can put all the three pieces together by putting the 36 inch ribbon on the 6 inch piece. The 6 inch piece of ribbon should be placed wrong side up. The 24 inch piece of ribbon should be placed on the 6 inch piece of ribbon, above the 36 inch piece and it should show the wrong side up. The last steps are even easier; you just have to grab the ends of the 6 inch strip of ribbon and pull them together, making sure at the same time that the other pieces are centered and straightened.

How to Make a Perfect Bo

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