“Thankful” Wall Art

A powerful saying, idea, can be even more powerful if you see it daily, having it around, hanging on your wall. Being thankful is important and necessary for the spiritual health. As a reminder of this fact, a “thankful” piece of wall art is more than appropriate. For this you can use a wood or MDF panel, vinyl letters and acrylic paint- black and white. Cut out your letters first. Apply a layer of white paint on the board and let dry. Attach vinyl letters and apply the black paint on the entire surface. Remove letters with the paint is still wet. Attach a wire hanger and find the best place for hanging it. Have fun and be thankful for all that is in your life!

Thankful Wall Art

Image Source : http://craftykat-mycraftyplayground.blogspot.ro/2012/01/thankful-wall-art.html