Turn Plastic Bottle to Pot Planter as Swan

Transform a plastic bottle into a beautiful swan pot planter by following a few simple directions:

1. Cut and remove 1 side of a 3L plastic bottle and fill bottle with sand.
2. Insert a thick wire into the bottle, through its cap, fixating it into the sand and shaping it in the form of a swan’s neck.
3. Cover bottle with plaster and attach two rectangular metal grates on the sides, as wing bases.
4. Cover the entire figure with plaster, modeling.
5. Wrap a thin layer of bandage around the swan’s neck and head.
6. Add more plaster and model it, creating realistic shapes of neck, head and wings.
7. Paint over the swan’s features and remove sand.

Turn Plastic Bottle to Pot Planter as Swan

Image Source : http://www.diy-craft.com/2013/05/turn-plastic-bottle-to-pot-planter-as.html